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"Know Thyself"; Socrates . . . and Me

How well do you really know your SELF? Do you recognize the things that make you uniquely “YOU”? Do you take the time to listen to the inner voices and understand the desires that whisper to your heart?

Socrates believed; Only in striving to come to know ourselves and to understand ourselves

do our lives have any meaning or value.

Re-evaluating and taking ‘moments’ to check in with your SELF is an essential part of becoming an awakened and enlightened person. On my own journey of Mindfulness and Tai Chi practice, I’ve also been exploring yogic philosophy through the personal and professional undertaking of a yogaspirit® training. Consequently; I’ve been inviting myself the space to listen more closely to my body and it’s messages to me.

Some of those messages have been: “You’re pushing too hard to be what everyone else wants of you”, “Release the judgments of others”, “There’s no value in comparing yourself with negativity, you are extraordinary’, “YOU are who you need in order to be happy, and everything else will fall together”, and here’s the big one . . . “Surrender to being authentic, without walls and fear, and allow the divine to do it’s work”.

Discovering balance, purpose and fulfillment in life requires moments of being still in order to listen. In addition; connectedness to nature and to one another demonstrates the valuable place each one of us holds in this life, and in this world.

One of the most amazing gifts of our lives is the ability to check-in, listen, re-access, adjust our sails, and begin again. Every morning . . . every day . . . any moment we choose . . . we are the captains of our vessels, and we can steer the course.

Throughout life we keep up with our physical checkups, we attend to our haircuts, teeth cleanings, and our general outer grooming. We ought to spend as much time attending to the wellbeing of our inner life as we do our external life. When do you check-IN with your SELF? Do you spend quality time with the most important person you live with, and do you listen to what YOU have to share?

Reflecting upon my personal priorities, and my spiritual callings, I’m considering my place in this world, and within my family. With every twist and turn, I’m becoming more acquainted with my SELF; striving to know and understand, with the intention of creating the greatest value, meaning and fullest experience of my life.

How well do you know your SELF? Do you celebrate the things that make you uniquely YOU? Are you following the course of your heart, guided by the stars of your soul?

Take moments for yourself, and hold space for your spirit. Listen to the whispers, trust in your intuitive nature, and begin again . . . and again.

“Everyday is a new opportunity to begin again.”

Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu The book of Joy

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