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Strength and Flexibility; 

utilizing TRX, alignment, weights, balance exercises with additional Yoga postures  

$20 per class

Limited space for each class

Classes added upon request and interest.

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TRX Suspension Training provides smooth and effective workouts, adjustable for any level of fitness and intensity. The revolutionary system developed in the field by a Navy Seal team leader; leverages your own bodyweight as resistance, putting you in control. TRX bodyweight exercises develop mobility, strength and power, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. TRX Training is safe and effective for people of any fitness level.


Balanced Body Small group classes are much more and very different than what you'll find in a large gym.  We incorporate individualized TRX, dumbbells, gentle Yoga postures, aerobic steps, body bar, trampoline, foam roller instruction tailored for each student's fitness level.

Safely learn and perform basic movements to build foundational strength and lasting balance.  All levels welcome.  Exercises will emphasize leg strength and spinal stability, balanced back and torso, and gentle flexibility. 

Get your heart pumping and your muscles moving with our safe, refreshing and supportive class of students. Reach, stretch, pull, press your own body weight and watch your endurance and overall body strength increase.   

Appropriately challenging, dynamic movements and body weight conditioning with the TRX suspension straps.  Classes also include gentle yoga-based stretching, dumbbells, weighted balls, stability balls and balance work.  Safely exercise within your healthy limits, with individual attention and at your best ability. 

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