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Founded by Lisa LaPlante; LaPlante Healing Arts was crafted

upon a foundation of exercise science, respect and excellence

in education and training.  Lisa creates an inviting environment

of compassion, encouragement, support and well-being.


LaPlante Healing Arts is dedicated to a holistic approach

to nurturing the connection between a balanced physical, emotional and spiritual life.

Formerly 'Energy Inspired Fitness' in Danvers, LaPlante Healing Arts was conceived from the inspiration energy plays in our health, emotions, activities and freedom of movement.  Lisa's own relationship with health and well-being evolved first with the increased energy she discovered the more she moved, exercised and inspired others to enjoy their own achievements in wellness. 


Lisa is a Certified Fitness Trainer through the ISSA since 2003.  She holds a 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification through Yogaspirit®, and is a Master Reiki Practitioner and Master Reiki Teacher.  Lisa is also a professionally trained TRX, Group Exercise, Mindfulness and Essential Oil Instructor. 


Lisa's dream of creating an environment that is safe, fun, holistic and educational is the foundation of LaPlante Healing Arts;  "People should be welcomed, celebrated and encouraged for taking that step to care for themselves and improve the quality of their life.  It takes courage and an admirable willingness to step out of routine, and want something better for oneself."  Everything about this studio and the professionals who do this important work here supports this belief. 


Private, Professional, Supervised and Safe

Previously in Danvers; this unique and welcoming studio has organically grown and evolved to include Balanced and Individualized Exercise Fitness Classes, One-on-One Personalized Trainings, Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki Energy Healing Sessions, Mindfulness Practices, Workshops, Teacher Trainings, and Essential Oil Education, Speaker engagements and Consulting.

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