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Gentle Yoga

Join Yogaspirit® instructor; Lisa LaPlante in her safe and welcoming studio at the Iron Rail in Wenham for a peaceful and healing yoga class.

$20 per student per class 

Appropriate for Beginners through Advanced Beginners, including those who've never practiced before.

Limited space, preregistration required

Yoga means "Union".  Through the practice of safely guided Asana, attentive breathing, and mindful instruction; a deeper connection between the emotional, physical and spiritual life can be forged.  

Yoga is a personal practice.  While we often experience Yoga in class settings, it's important to understand that the origin of Yoga practice is an internal one, and one that is best entered with an open heart and mind, and free from comparison to others.  


Lisa approaches her Yoga instruction with these sacred principles in mind, and holds the classroom space as a respectful, safe and nurturing environment for ALL of her students.  Lisa believes the practice of Yoga should be available to anyone who is willing to begin and learn.  Therefore; this class aptly named Yoga for EVERYBody. 

"If you HAVE a Body . . . you can learn and practice Yoga."  

Bring your own props from home, or use our sanitized mats and props.  Bringing a water bottle is recommended.  (We have additional water available at the studio if you forget or run out.)  The air conditioner and fans will run and windows will remain open when temperatures are agreeable, and our air purifier will be in use.  Mats are well spaced for the health and safety of all.  If you feel unwell or have come into contact with anyone who is ill, or who has tested positive for Covid-19 please remain home.

If you have any concerns about previous injuries or your individual physical condition(s), please make the instructor aware before the start of the class, or email Lisa ahead of time with your question(s).  

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