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Yoga; Spiritual Moments and Movement

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Class is free and open to all. 

Held in the downstairs chapel of the First Baptist Church at 221 Cabot Street in Beverly, MA

Please bring water and a Yoga Mat.

Childcare is available during this time.

Class is appropriate for Middle School age and up.

Yoga Participants should be able to get up and down from the floor safely without assistance. All participants will sign a basic fitness waiver and must disclose any injuries or physical concerns related to gentle exercise movements.

Class will be gentle, spiritually connective and restorative – this is not a physically demanding Yoga.

A unique theme often related to the scripture of that Sunday’s service will be used to guide the practice of stretching, lengthening and breath awareness.


This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a physical expression and honoring of our spirituality though the joy of basic movement; body and heart opening.

Class will begin and end with a mindful tuning into our bodies, hearts and spirits.

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Upcoming dates:

Future Classes

will resume via Zoom. 

Upcoming Dates to be announced soon.

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