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As always, our primary goal is to ensure the continued safety and well-being of all students, clients, and visitors and their families at LaPlante Healing Arts.  I want to acknowledge that while we've entered the endemic phase of the 2019 pandemic; Covid-19 and other highly transmittable viruses will continue to be among us.  Most importantly; I am grateful for the respect, compassion and care we continue to extend toward one another no matter our personal experiences or points of view.  I am so appreciative of the kindness of our community.  

The decision to require masks or not, is currently at the discretion of our private studio and our instructors, based on evidence of increased risk.

I understand that mask wearing, vaccination and risk of illness can be a sensitive subject for all. If you have any concerns or questions about the protocols outlined below, please speak with me directly.  The safety, well-being, respect for, and consideration of all individuals are still of the highest priority at LaPlante Healing Arts.

  • Please continue to inform me of incidents where you have come into close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, or if you are awaiting the results of your own Covid-19 test, or if you are experiencing fever, cold, cough or general malaise symptoms.  Students will continue to be encouraged to remain home if they are feeling unwell.


  • The sharing of exercise equipment such as hand weights, exercise balls, and bars will continue.  Cleaning supplies will always be available for everyone to utilize to wipe down shared materials in between use.


  • Class participants will once again be allowed and encouraged to wipe down mats and help store away materials and equipment after use and classes.  Thank you for your cooperation and support in keeping the studio clean, tidy, and safe for all.

  • Classes will be limited to size and attendance at the discretion of the instructor.  Ample and comfortable space between participants will continue to respectfully be observed.


  • The sign in sheet will remain in effect as a tool for attendance and contact tracing should anyone with ties or exposure to the studio contract Covid-19. 

LaPlante Healing Arts

Covid-19 and illness Protocols


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