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The word Yoga means UNION; which aligns precisely with Lisa’s purpose of connecting the spiritual life with the physical body, and her work with people through mindful movement. 


Lisa was drawn to mindfulness and meditation through her Tai Chi practice, before fully discovering the path and connection to Self through Yoga.   


As a strength and aerobic trainer; Yoga had been a physical challenge.  But over time as Lisa’s work with people became more holistic and therapeutic, she gained deeper experience with a maturing population.  The benefits of healthy flexibility and a higher quality of life overall became an essential part of her clients’ needs, as well as her own.  Through the process of becoming a Yogaspirit® Instructor, Lisa embarked upon a profound personal commitment to herself and to her own wellbeing in order to give the practice it’s due honor and respect.  The blessings of a Yoga practice have expanded Lisa’s life in all aspects of breath, mindful presence, flexibility, joint health, balanced muscularity, and spiritual harmony.  The advanced training in the body’s intelligence combined with the intuitiveness of the spiritual being have enhanced Lisa’s professional skills, while at the same time provided her a personal means for enlightenment and growth.  Sharing these gifts with her clientele and students in a safe, attainable, accessible and comfortable approach is Lisa’s distinctive style. 


Integrating Yoga with Lisa’s holistic and therapeutically aligned strength & fitness approach has been a natural evolution, and has become an intrinsic component of the work Lisa does to support the health and wellbeing of the whole person. 

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