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Postpartum Yoga with Christine Iarrobino


Sundays 9:00am Returning in the Fall


Postpartum Yoga  focuses on gentle, therapeutic movement designed to promote healthy formative development in baby, as well as movement, breathing, and relaxation exercises that encourage both strength and peace in the body and mind of the mother. This decreases stress, anxiety, and promotes energy, strength, and confidence in the postpartum body and mind.  Join this calm, safe space where feeding, diapering, and open minded discussion are normal. 


Safe for all levels, including new students and those who have experienced c-section.  Strengthens bonding, integration, and healthy development in both mom and baby, as well as learning tools to use every day at home.    

Mom and baby will both benefit as you learn to move, breathe, and play together.  No yoga experience required. This class goes with the flow of mom and baby.  Baby's needs come first, and breaks for feeding, diapering and sleeping are welcome during class.

Postpartum Yoga and is appropriate for women with babies 6 weeks to pre-crawling. 

Benefits of a postpartum practice: 

  • A gentle alternative to strenuous or high impact exercise. 

  • Bond with baby, and the company and support of other new moms.

  • Toning of pelvic floor muscles and core strength to reduce back tension.

  • Learn strength and stability postures to gain balance.

  • Increase energy and lightness.

  • Increase positive mood.

  • Learn coping skills to reduce stress and anxiety.

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