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"Keep Moving Exercise"

over Zoom

This is the perfect at home workout in between your in person workouts. 

Current class is Thursday at 2:00pm

Additional classes can be added upon request and a minimum of 3 participants.

Pre-Registration Required 

Fee; Sliding scale $5.00 - $15.00, class card can be used 

Class is held over Zoom.   

45-50 minutes of safe movement using your own body weight, a sturdy chair or a safe wall space and small - medium hand weights if you choose (not required)


Join me for this "in between workouts" at home exercise where we will warm up the body using easy cardio movements, gentle stretching and basic multi joint weight lifting movements to attend to your overall body wellness.  

I love helping people discover easy and accessible modifications for common exercise movements when it comes to supporting and working around pain or discomfort.  

If you have any concerns about previous injuries or your individual physical condition(s), please make the instructor aware before the start of the class, or email Lisa ahead of time with your question(s).  

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